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Learn more about seasonal activity for Southern California pests and rodents from the expert pest controllers at Versa-Tech Pest Management below.

In San Dimas and LA County, California, it is always ‘pest season.’ Living in a location where it does not freeze or even get below 40 degrees makes it ideal for pest activity all year around. Just as humans love to live in Mediterranean climates, pests do as well. The more humid the climate, the more insect activity. For California, we only have two basic seasons, summer and winter. Summer is considered insect season with a rise in ants, spiders, mosquitoes and American Roaches. Winter will see a rise in rodent activity.


From roof rats and mice invading your LA County attic space to rodents scurrying through your home and crawl space, rodent activity and harborage can increase for a variety of reasons.


California Rodents are mammals just like humans. They want to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Starting about mid-October, as daylight starts to become shorter and shorter, LA County rats and mice will start looking for a cozy winter shelter. After spending a nice summer climbing and feeding in and out of fruit trees, spending some nights outside in thickets like bougainvillea or ivy patches, rodents want to hunker down as the air chills. Rats and mice will begin to explore for more ‘interior’ areas to spend the winter. You can have the same individual rodent season after season. However, there are several threats to a rodent, and the average rodent’s life span is only 12-18 months. Rodent activity can increase for a variety of reasons such as: breeding, familiarity, good food sources, concealment and scent tracking. Attics and crawl spaces are the most popular residential locations for rodents to harbor. Insulation materials make perfect nesting locations. Some other common areas include but are not limited to, under bathtubs, inside wall voids, and under cabinet areas. During the fall and winter months rodent sounds can be heard and they consist of, scratching and/or squeaking. More regular sightings will occur as the rodents prepare for winter season. Do not ignore interior rodent activity or let it get out of control. Rodents have the potential to do some serious damage to our homes. If they are active long enough, they can damage utility areas and items and cause a serious health concern. Although, rodents are more active inside in the winter, they do not go away in the summer. Rodent activity can be found all year around.

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Are you seeing an increase in ants and American Roaches in your home? There’s a reason for that. Insects tend to move when it’s hot. The hotter and more humid, the more the insects like to get around. It is mostly for pleasure but also for water location and hydration. It takes a lot of water to satisfy an ant colony of 10,000 to millions of ants. A common question is “why do I have ants all over my kitchen and bathroom sinks?” This is because of the water and/or toothpaste. A minimum recommendation would be a one-time ant elimination service where the any colony is eliminated and there is an extended ant control for the season. Another popular spot for ant activity can be found at an exterior hose for ants to set up inside of when it gets hot. Also, decaying fruit and other similar things on the ground will attract ants. The heat also changes habitats for insects like Los Angeles County American Roaches. American Roaches like to live in sewer or drainage areas and in moist planter beds. In wintertime, these areas stay a temperate climate, warmer and humid. As the air dries and the temperature heats up, the areas where American Roaches like to live in winter becomes dry and cooler, making the climate outside or above them, more attractive. This is when American roaches will be seen coming out of storm drains, coming up through floor drains, and utility sink areas and flying outside. A regular quarterly service is best for American roach control.

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Spiders are another insect that loves the hotter weather. Southern California Spider season is considered to be September through October, but the uptick starts at about the end of May to June in Southern California. Spider webs and egg sacks are the first signs of spider activity. Cellar spiders aka Daddy Long Legs, Black Widows, and Brown Widows are the most common spiders found around a Los Angeles or Orange County home. While Spiders are amazingly beneficial, they also need controlled. Regular service is best, and the frequency of service is the biggest factor in controlling spiders. Frequency of service are determined based on the use of the area and other exterior factors.


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While Southern California mosquitoes are a year-round issue, mosquitoes thrive in temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, making them more active as the temperatures rise May through November. Mosquitoes know a lot about humans too, and how to find a us. Female mosquitos are attracted to carbon dioxide, body heat, perspiration, and body smells to find a host. They can harbor in a water source as small as a bottle cap and as overlooked as an overwatered lawn. Adult mosquitos typically live about 7 days some up to two months in the right conditions. Most mosquito species have flight ranges of 1-3 miles. Most mosquitos can fit through door jambs and even window and door screens.

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Stinging pests, including bees, wasps and hornets are more active in the warmer months in Southern California and bees usually become active in the spring with the warm weather and flowering of plants and remain active throughout the summer and into the fall. While bee swarms typically happen in the spring months, wasp season generally runs from April through October when temperatures are optimal for peak wasp activity. Wasp activity will grow when the environment warms up and fade as the seasons change and temperatures drop. Wasps can be quite aggressive when their next is disturbed, so it’s important to be careful if you find a wasp nest on your property.


Although bed bugs can be found any time of the year, they tend to show increased activity and peak during the warmer months, which has led to summer being commonly referred to as “bed bug season.” Click here to learn more about dealing with bed bug infestations.

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