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Versa-Tech Pest Management can help! Offering saftisfaction guarantees, Versa-Tech offers full service rodent extermination and removal, proofing and clean out services you can count on to solve your rodent problem fast and to restore your attic space.


Our Rodent Remediation Clean Out features a three-part service approach



Attic and drop ceiling areas are often forgotten spaces in San Dimas, West Covina, Glendora, Pasadena, & Los Angeles County, California. These areas tend to take up a significant portion of the interior area of a structure because most attic areas protect utility lines, HVAC units, and HVAC ducting. Attic spaces also hold the insulation material that keeps homes comfortable and at the same time assist with savings on energy costs. If you are a Southern California resident, then you are aware of the expensive costs of cooling down your home in the summertime. By having a well-insulated attic space, you can save on energy costs.

Southern California attic and ceiling spaces are also primary harborage and travel paths for rodents. Los Angeles County rat and mice populations will build up over time, and that continual growth and harborage can lead to property damage, heath concerns, and reduction of insulation effectiveness. Insulation can also make great nesting areas. Rodent droppings and urine will stain ceiling areas, depress, and damage insulation materials, build up odor, and can breech HVAC duct work to begin to affect the air quality and sanitation of the interior living areas. Rodents require a continual water source and being in a hot attic area will increase their need for water. Rodents will gnaw and chew at plumbing pipes which will cause the homeowner to have leaks and plumbing ventilation damage. Electrical lines and conduit are also targets for rodents, and can lead to power outages, or other utility issues such as alarms and camera system damages. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, and skunks can also be found causing damage and health concerns in attic areas.


The first part is the attic vacuum cleaning. Upon arrival we will pad the flooring and block off the service area around the attic access to prevent particulates and dust from getting on surfaces and into the common areas. We remove the old insulation and other debris materials such as roofing materials, trash, or other loose items using a vacuum system, so no material is carried through your house. Then a second pass is made to remove the rodent droppings and smaller items. The last step of the clean out portion is the disinfection and deodorization of all surface areas.


The second part is the rodent proofing, rodent exclusion and rats, mice and mouse trapping service which is generally done on the same day. After the clean out portion is complete, we investigate and identify rodent entry points then set traps throughout the attic, seal up, and block off all rodent entry points. Over the next few weeks, we will perform follow ups which consist of checking traps, assessing the exclusion, and seal work. This will allow us to confirm that all the rodent activity is eliminated, and there are no other rodents entering and exiting. Once we have confirmed the success of the Rodent Trap and Seal Service, then we move to Insulation Replacement.

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The third and final step is to replace the insulation. We only use Johns Manville Attic Protector Fiberglass Blown-in Insulation, set to R19-R30 depth. Johns Manville makes a superior insulating product that remains dense and packed over time. Most pest control companies use cellulose or TAP insulation which is a lower quality product at a cheaper price point. TAP insulation is often promoted as being able to control and keep pests away which does not include rodents. There is no insulation on the market that keeps rodents away.

*Disclaimer – Please be advised that Versa-Tech® partners with the highest rated, expert sub-contractors to replace insulation with the very best insulation materials using Johns Manville Blown-in Insulation.


Versa-Tech offers competitive pricing. San Dimas, Los Angeles County & Northern Orange County Attic Clean-Out and Insulation Removal start at $1.75 per square feet, and $3.75 for full removal and replacement. Both include the rodent exclusion and trapping. 

We will repair any ceiling damage and are fully insured and bonded. Versa-Tech is ALL IN when it comes to getting you the best quality attic and ceiling services at a great price point. If you are located in Southern California, contact Versa-Tech for a free pest inspection and consultation so we can answer all your questions and get you the right rodent service options.


    Versa Tech Attic Vacuum Cleaning


    Heather M., San Gabriel, California

    I had a contractor installing a new bathroom vent and he discovered we had a serious rodent problem in my attic. He referred me to Jason. I sent Jason a text and he immediately got back to me and let me know Chris would be contacting me to set up an inspection & estimate. Within the hour Chris gave me a call, set up a day & time to come check everything out. I was really surprised how quickly the moved!

    Once Chris came out a few days later on a Friday to inspect that attic he told me it was bad. Showed photos of what was going on up there and expressed concern over completely open access points. I was harboring a little rat hostile. I let Chris know (which was very obvious) that I’m pregnant and due in 2 weeks, how quickly could they come in and start this project. He let me know if I was ready they could call in a crew to work Saturday and get it going considering my time crunch. They showed up early Saturday AM with a crew of 4 and these guys worked tirelessly ALL day. I couldn’t believe how long and hard they worked. They also sent me photos and videos throughout the day updating me on what they were finding and how it was going. Once they finished that evening Chris let me know that this job was much bigger than expected and they needed an additional 2 days to properly clean and sanitize the area so it would not only be safe for me but a new baby.

    These guys got out all of our old insulation, cleaned out the rat poops, sanitized the urine, removed some asbestos, documented wire & plumbing damage, as well as sealing off access points all over my property(home & detached garage) while setting traps. On top of that they are so clean themselves!! They covered everything in plastic and cleaned my floors up after! I expected to come home and have to vacuum & mop and was shocked when my vacuum wasn’t even picking anything up!

    I am so incredibly grateful we were referred to this company. They still have a few ends to tie up, however my husband and I feel very confident and safe bringing home a newborn now. You guys are a life saver! Thank you Jason, Chris, Daniel & the rest of the crew!

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