Do I Need An Attic Clean Out in my Home or Business? What You Need to Know.

Attic Clean Out Rodent Control

By: Jason Baacke, Versa-Tech Founder / CEO


Do you have a rat or mice problem and need rodent-related attic cleanout and insulation replacement service for your California home or business?

Versa-Tech Pest Management Founder and expert pest and rodent control specialist Jason Baacke weighs in below on common terms and what you need to know.

Finding out that your Southern California attic or ceiling area has rodent activity is a bit alarming by itself. Being told the rodent activity and rodent damage is extensive enough to warrant an Attic Cleaning Service is not only more alarming and fearful, but it also adds significant cost to the job… that is why most pest control companies push their Attic Cleaning and Insulation Replacement Services.

Let us clarify on some common rodent service terminology to better understand rodent services and how they work:


Rodent Trapping, Proofing & Exclusion Service

Rodent Trapping, Proofing and Exclusion is the primary ‘umbrella’ service that is essential to the removal and prevention of rodents from entering the structure areas. 

Attic Cleaning & Rodent Control Services

An Attic Clean-Out Service can be added into the Trapping and Exclusion Service and removes debris from the attic such as soiled insulation and other loose debris items, also disinfects and deodorizes the service areas.

Attic Insulation Replacement

Lastly is Attic Insulation Replacement, where we then add in new blown-in insulation to replace the old. The key to this portion of the service is that it is done last, after all the rodent activity is gone and no further entry is being made. DO NOT HAVE THE INSULATION REPLACED THE SAME DAY OR WITHOUT CONFIRMING THE PEST ACTIVITY IS ELIMINATED. THIS WILL TAKE A FEW FOLLOW UP SERVICE CALLS TO CONFIRM. Performing the rodent service follow ups in a cleaned-out attic allows for easier confirmation that the activity is gone.

An Attic Cleaning Service can be limited to a certain section of the attic or service area or include the entire attic. Clients have options when it comes to choosing the right amount of service for the activity, damage levels, needs, and budget. If the activity level has been regular over time, or the activity levels are higher, this can lead to damaged and soiled insulation, damaged HVAC ducting and equipment, and other types of utility and structure damage such as chewed pipes and wires and drywall/stucco. Heavily spoiled insulation and damage to the HVAC system is also a heath concern. Rodent urine and droppings contaminate insulation, attic surfaces and the air moving though the HVAC systems. In heavy cases, urine smell can emanate into the living areas. Any of these situations can call for an Attic Cleaning service and at least partial or full Attic Insulation Replacement.

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Rodent Exclusion & Trapping & Attic Cleaning Typical Costs

A typical San Dimas or Los Angeles County Rodent Exclusion and Trapping Service will average anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on the level of activity, accessibility and condition of the service areas, rodent activity at interior areas, and the amount of repair, seal and exclusion work that is required. A Los Angles County Attic-Clean Out and Insulation Replacement starts at about $4.00 per square foot, the average job being about $4,000 – $7,000 and includes the Trapping and Exclusion Service. Rodent activity in the attic or crawl space does NOT mean you NEED an Attic Clean-Out.

As with most pest control services, the NEED for Attic Cleaning Services is up to each client and can be a very subjective decision. Having the correct inspection, information, options, and objective advise and consultation is especially important when deciding on Rodent Services. I recommend getting at least two or even four opinions and bids. Make sure pictures and videos are included or you have a look into the attic yourself.

Do you have a rodent issue in your home or business and need an inspection or attic cleaning?

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