If you’ve seen a roach scurrying across your floor – you can be sure – there’s more where that came from. Let us do a complete inspection and let you know where the cockroach trouble spots are.

Versa-Tech looks everywhere – yard, sheds, garage, trash, cracks, pipes and drains in the house or business. Once we have the details, we can give you a custom treatment plan.

We’ll destroy the existing roaches wherever they are. We’ll give you a prevention plan to keep them from coming back. The cockroach is a resilient pest. But we’ll help you eliminate them – permanently.

American Cockroach Los Angeles
American Cockroach

The American (‘sewer’) Roach usually lives outdoors, but will retreat into your home or business to escape hot summer temperatures. They can get in through the plumbing or any small crack or opening. Once established inside, they breed rapidly.

German Cockroach Los Angeles
German Cockroach

The German cockroach has two stripes on its back and comes inside looking for food. A little water and some crumbs and they’re ready to multiply.

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Types of Roaches Prevalent in San Dimas, Los Angeles County, Orange County & Surrounding

There are three basic types of Roaches that we see in Southern California: American, Oriental and German. Out of those, the American and German are the most common structural roach. American Roaches have many nick names. ‘Water bugs’, ‘Sewer Roaches,’ etc. America Roaches are larger about two inches and reddish-brown solid color. American Roaches like to live in dark, damp warmer areas like sewers, drain pipes, and other utility areas. They are commonly seen inside homes once or twice per year as they make their way in using garage areas, doors and windows, structure gaps and drains. American roaches fly and are attracted to lights, so they are often seen outside in the summertime on patios, walkway and yard areas. Naturally, American roaches live in thick brush areas and ground cover such as mulch. Planter areas, Ivy areas, and others like them are good areas for American Roaches to live.

Service for American Roaches in a combination of exclusion and chemical treatments. Treatments are less invasive and may require moderate preparation and areas need to be vacated for about half a day for interior treatments. Some variables include crawl spaces, plumbing gaps, floor drains and storage areas. Service costs start at $185 for exterior. Quarterly Regular Service is recommended for long term control and management depending on exterior variables.

German Roaches are more of an ‘interior roach’ and enter an area by being transferred by a person to person or an item. German Roaches are smaller, under an inch, and are light brown with a black stripe down the middle. Under the right conditions, German Roaches will also travel from one area to the next via wall gaps, cracks or utility lines and areas. Appliances are a quite common hiding and harboring place for German Roaches. German Roaches are commonly seen and start in kitchen and bathroom areas and are the focal point of service. German Roaches are seen in darker areas of cabinets, behind or within items, under items, on the counter, or in the open when the lights come on. German Roaches breed the fastest and can quickly reach higher activity levels and become an issue if not addressed properly. For this reason, we recommend a Roach Clean Out Service be performed as soon as German Roaches are confirmed.

A German Roach Clean Out Service is an incredibly detailed and aggressive service that targets the crack and crevice areas of the kitchen and restrooms. Then we treat the other interior area perimeters and other applicable and needed areas to properly complete the service. Preparation before the service is required, such as emptying of the kitchen and restroom storage areas. For most services about 6-9 hours are required to be vacated. In most cases, a German Roach Clean Out is completely effective in one service. Depending on clutter, activity levels and other factors determine how aggressive the service must be to take care of the issue.

Starting cost for a German Roach Clean Out Service is $225, no regular services are required. Conducive conditions and habits play a role in German Roach re-occurrence.

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