Proudly serving Greater Los Angeles & Orange County communities for over 10 years, Versa-Tech provides our clients with the most comprehensive Bee Elimination Service in the industry. Versa-Tech is equipped to handle any size or type of bee activity or infestation.


Bees can harbor in very difficult and unique locations that generally require minor demolition to properly remove and eliminate the hive. Unlike other companies, Versa-Tech can also repair the damage that is caused by bee removal**

A proper inspection and assessment is critical in removing or eliminating bees from a structure and deciding on a method of treatment.

BEE SWARMS & BEE HIVES Removing & Relocating

When it comes to a bee service we are either looking at a bee swarm or a bee hive. A swarm is where a queen bee has been flying around and decided to land. When she does all the other bees around swarm her to keep her warm and protected. This can happen in the strangest places like the middle of a parking lot, on a car, on a wall, and happens fast. A swarm can be the beginning of a hive. A hive is where bees have actually begun to make, or have established honeycomb. Hives will generally be in some type of void area. In areas such as a wall void, an attic, a hollow tree, a sprinkler box, or underneath sheds.

Treatment for a swarm is simple, chemically treat the bees to stop the Current activity and prevent future activity from harboring in the area for a long time to come. For non-chemical removal, we can vacuum up the bees and relocate. However, the drawback to removal without chemical use is other bees may quickly reestablish the area.

Hive treatment and service is basically the same from the beginning however decisions about hive removal must be made. Removal is not always necessary and is a situation by situation decision. We can’t stop the bees without removing the hive. Hive material inside of a void will eventually deteriorate over time and poses no major health hazard. However, as this process happens honey can become viscous and maybe stain walls, drip or run onto floor or exterior areas, and harbor and attract some types of moths and other insects. These instances are rare.

Each bee service is unique and some variables do affect cost. The starting bee swarm service is $185 and up.


  • Western/European honeybee is not endangered. They are listed as Data Deficient on the IUCN Red List
  • We take all precautions to never service for foraging bees. If we believe the only activity on your property is foraging because we will not take the service. We value bee contribution to humanity and understand their importance. Bees can pose a safety threat and do need addressed.

**Limitations apply

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