Serving San Dimas, Los Angeles County and Northern Orange County, California since 2012, Versa-Tech offers Bed Bug Services that allow us to adapt and professionally service any bed bug control situation or infestation. Proper bed bug service requires clients to participate and be pro-active in any of these types of services. This is where Versa-Tech is a step above other companies – we put our clients concerns and requirements first!

The V-Series of Bed Bugs Elimination: Verify, Educate, Eradicate, Clear. A strategic Bed Bug elimination solution. 

  • Verify: inspection by our Licensed and experienced technicians or Certified K-9 to find the infestation
  • Educate: Discuss possible causes and prevention methods with clients, and advise on the benefits and procedures to each treatment process
  • Eradicate: Choose the best method of treatment to eliminate the infestation
  • Clear: Certify the unit clear with follow up inspection or K-9 Clearance
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Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying…

“If I could give more stars I would! Jason and his team are not only top notch at keeping the bugs away, but they a genuinely great people! We don’t even think about seasonal infestations of various vector because they keep us covered! Since we started with the company, we have had two scares…once after a trip out of town and came back with bed bugs and this time our dog ended up with fleas after a trip to the pup salon. Both times, Jason was out here with a quickness and stopped them in their tracks! Great pricing too!!Thank you guys for the years of great service and always keeping us pest free! A total recommend! You deserve great service and they deserve your business!” —Lean M., Bellflower, CA


Bed Bugs have reached outbreak proportions. Bed Bugs can infect any home or business regardless of geographical location or status. They are easily transferred into a home or business in luggage, clothing, sleeping linen, etc.


Versa-Tech PM is one of the few Pest Management companies in the world can properly detect and eliminate a Bed Bug Infestation. Versa-Tech is on the forefront of the Bed Bug epidemic, continually training and developing new technologies through entomological research to better detect and eliminate Bed Bugs. All of our technicians have gone through extensive Bed Bug training and are some of the most experienced pest technicians in the world, allowing Versa-Tech the capability to quickly respond and eliminate Bed Bug Infestations quickly.


Residential or Commercial, a great Bed Bug Service starts with a thorough inspection and consultation. Every Bed Bug service is unique as well as the people it serves. A proper inspection will determine the level of activity, how extensive the activity is throughout the location, and will help determine the best services to eliminate the activity. A bed bug consultation is critical to determining preparation requirements, abilities, and needs, as well as the best type of service or combination of services. Bed Bugs are small and are great at hiding in the thinnest of cracks. Even if the live bugs can not be seen, activity is generally confirmed by locating the sputum (droppings) and castings (skin) they leave behind. When populations are low or ‘new,’ the only identifying method are the bites. Bed Bugs are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide, two things you give off when you sleep. This is also why bed bugs like to harbor at the ‘head’ end of the bed and why bites mostly occur above the waist.
A bed bug infestation can be incredibly stressful and can not only affect people physically with visible bite marks, but psychologically as well. Insomnia, poor sleep, social concerns, negative reactions from friends and relatives all can be issues. We understand, and that is why our first step is not only to inspect to confirm activity, but also to consult with our clients. Versa-Tech discusses the pros and cons to each service, educates our clients, and most of all, listens. Versa-Tech provides the best service tailored for each client’s unique needs.


While each treatment method is effective and can be used together, each service has its place and we customize bed bug treatment services to suit your needs.


A Chemical Bed Bug Service is an incredibly detailed and invasive service. It treats every crack and crevice, tuffs and folds, structure baseboard areas, carpets, outlet, and switch cover. It covers every applicable item and every bed bug hiding spot. A Chemical Service requires the most preparation for our clients. The ability to prepare and the number of items will determine if a Chemical Treatment is the best service. Chemical Treatments are the most common used because of the lower service cost and residual. The biggest benefit to a Chemical Treatment is the residual that gets left behind. The residual will be effective for up to 90-120 days. Residual is important for clients who are exposed to bed bugs or the possibility of bed bugs on a regular basis. Healthcare workers, caregivers, police and firefighters, pilots, bus drivers, and anyone who travels often are more susceptible to re-infesting the location.  Chemical Bed Bug Treatments allow clients to be back in the same or next day.


Tent Fumigation is best for larger homes, heavy activity levels, or locations with a lot of items. With a Tent Fumigation there is minimal preparation required in comparison to a Chemical Service. For clients who cannot prep or do not want to, Tent Fumigation is a great option. Tent Fumigation is a more costly option. It does not leave a residual and requires the location be vacated for five days. A Tent Fumigation also has a collateral benefit as it will also remove any pest from the location such as rodents, termites, and other insects. Tent Fumigation cost is determined by the cubic square feet of a location.


A Heat Treatment is a great service for smaller service areas like a storage container, hotel room, dorm room, or other similar locations. A Heat Treatment is the most difficult service to administer and is usually preceded by some type of chemical service. Temperatures at the core areas must reach 120 degrees. For locations that do not allow chemical use, a Heat Treatment is recommended. Heat Treatments are generally used in commercial settings but have a place in some residential services. Heat treatments are more costly than Chemical Treatments, and about the same to a bit less than Tent Fumigation. With a Heat Treatment clients can re-enter the next day.

Bed Bug Treatment for Hospitality Industry & Rental Properties

Bed Bugs have affected the hospitality and rental industry deeply. Having a professional, proactive Bed Bug Protocol and service plan in place is critical to keep reputation intact, as well as staff, clients, and residence happy. Bed Bugs are likely here to stay, finding them before clients or guests do is essential. Versa-Tech will educate staff and management on how to identify Bed Bugs to allow for quick detection. The ‘Fast ID System’ is in place for staff to text or email pictures to Versa-Tech to help confirm suspected activity. Versa-Tech can custom any service plan, including a rapid response service to quickly deal with the activity and get the room back in use or rental location ready for the tenants to come back in. Versa-Tech has the staff and experience ready to handle any Bed Bug situation.

At Versa-Tech®, We’re the Bed Bugs Experts!

Joe Garcia and Jason Baacke have over 10 years’ experience managing bed bug infestations and are dedicated to Bed Bug Services and the development of Heat and Chemical programs. Starting in 2009, they began performing regular Bed Bug Services and they continue to help clients navigate through the process so our clients can get back to living like normal. Joe and Jason have been training their staff and others on how to best perform and administer bed bug services.