Versa-Tech is Revolutionizing Residential Pest Management with customized pest control programs to address your concerns and to protect your home and your family.

Providing 5-Star, Professional HOME PEST CONTROL SERVICES FOR SAN DIMAS, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA & SURROUNDING you can count on, Versa-Tech will listen to you and address all of your pest concerns and specific needs, customizing a PEST MANAGEMENT PROGRAM specifically for your unique situation and concerns.


Regular Pest Service will control, inspect, report, and assist in pest prevention and control of your home. Regular, dedicated pest control services can include rodent control or insect and spider only. Service does NOT include Termites, and some services are not included. Flying insects may require additional services. Here at Versa-Tech, we are founded with the core principle of having clients for life as well as taking responsibility for our service. We have a level of dedication to our regular service clients that is unparalleled in the industry.

Home Pest Control Services:

Pet & Child Awareness

Green Pest Control

Bed Bugs – Bed Bug Treatment Services

Flies – Fly Management Programs

Rodent Control & Rat & Mice Remediation

Attic Cleaning, Restoration & Insulation Replacement

Spiders – Spider Remediation

Cockroaches – Roach Remediation

Cricket Control

Ants – Ant Elimination

Bee Control & Bee Swarms

Storage / Garage / Patio Control

Pest & Rodent Exclusion, Proofing & Repair




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Your tech is a trained, licensed professional Route Manager who cares about you and your service AS THEIR CLIENT.

At Versa-Tech, we have changed how regular pest services are administered and performed by making the Route Manager the center of our company. Our Route managers not only run regular service stops like yours, but also handle sales leads, new service starts, special services, client call-backs, payments, supply ordering, equipment, vehicle maintenance and most of all, scheduling.

Each of our Route Managers are recruited from other fields and industries, with no previous pest management experience and start as apprentices at Versa-Tech. With a minimum of 6 months field training and the attainment of a Branch 2 Field Rep. license (a big deal), they get their route. However, each apprentice is trained at the locations they will eventually be taking over for service, making for a smooth transition.


A service consists of first preparing the location. We need to do some preparations to properly place the chemical and avoid items such as kids’ toys, pet toys and food/water areas. We often tip up patio furniture items to get webs knocked down and chemicals placed, as those areas are great spider hiding spots. By taking the time to properly prepare the service areas, we are assuring you get a safe and effective service. Next, we chemical spot and perimeter treat exterior structure areas and other applicable spots, such as BBQ areas, pool areas, planters, driveways, walkways, sheds, garage, and most of all the trash areas. We treat window perimeters, door and entry areas, patio covers and all applicable areas to prevent pest entry and make it more comfortable while you and your family enjoy your outdoor areas. If rodent service is included, exterior bait station and interior trap checks may also be done.


Choosing the right service frequency and amount of service depends on three primary factors. The first is your personal tolerance to pests. What we are referring to here is what pest ‘level’ you are personally comfortable with seeing. For example, if you are OK with seeing the rare spider inside your house, or the occasional cobwebs and a few insects here and there outside, quarterly service is just right for you. If you live in an area where rodents are a concern, or your tolerance for insects and spiders is a little bit lower, or if ants are a problem, then every other month is the right frequency. Monthly service is generally a bit too much for most residences. Monthly service is typically done for large estate, special situations regarding rodents or uses of the property, or our clients have a very, very, low tolerance for seeing insects, rodents, and spiders. Budget also needs to be considered here. Look at annual cost comparison to value and your tolerance. You can start with one frequency and adjust at any time down the road, either way. We want you to be COMPLETELY comfortable with your service. The best value from this service comes from having it over time.




$225 – one time or initial service
$75 – regular monthly service
$90 – regular bi-monthly service
$125 – regular Quarterly service

There are many variables that can affect service cost, they are based in a few areas. Size of property or areas of service is the most influential. Extended patio or pool areas, planters, other structures, and storage areas all can contribute to service needs. Rodent coverage will add to cost. Rodent coverage generally consists of at least exterior rodent bait stations and some interior trap placement. Common spots for interior traps are garage and attic. Level of pest activity and what is needed to best control the issue. Special Services may be required in order to take care of a moderate to severe issues. Good examples are German Roach activity, Bed Bugs or regular rodent activities.

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