Rodent Mice Rat Control – Get Rid of Rats and Mice

Versa-Tech provides our clients with the most aggressive rodent service in the industry.

From inspection to completion Versa-Tech offers a variety of different options to eliminate rodents, rats and mice from your business or home.

What makes Versa-Tech so unique is our ability to perform a thorough inspection and to properly identify rodent damage, species, entry points and areas of harborage.

A proper inspection allows Versa-Tech to provide faster results and the proper service. We don’t stop there. Versa-Tech will also follow up regularly and perform follow up inspections to make sure the job was done correctly. This makes Versa-Tech accountable for our work.

If you think your business or home may have rodent activity, or just want a plan to keep rodents away, please contact us for a free inspection.

Rodent Mice Rat Control in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside & Orange County California.