Greater Los Angeles Rodents, Mice & Rat Control – Get Rid of Rats & Mice Fast!

Versa-Tech provides our clients with the most aggressive rodent service in the industry. From inspection to completion, Versa-Tech offers a variety of different options to eliminate rodents, rats and mice from your business or home.

What makes Versa-Tech so unique is our ability to perform a thorough inspection and to properly identify rodent damage, species, entry points and areas of “harbor-age”. A proper inspection allows Versa-Tech to provide faster results and the proper service. We don’t stop there. Versa-Tech will also follow up regularly and perform follow up inspections to make sure the job was done correctly. This makes Versa-Tech accountable for our work.

If you think your business or home may have rodent activity, or just want a plan to keep rodents away, please contact us for a free inspection.

Eliminating Rodents, Mice & Rat Control in Greater Los Angeles & Orange County, CA Homes & Businesses.


Regardless if Rats or Mice are the issue, the same basic service principals apply to both… stop the activity from entering, remove any activity inside, follow up to assure the service is successful and make any needed corrections to control the Rodent activity moving forward.

A Rodent Service can be something as simple as adding some exterior bait stations, to a full Rodent Trapping and Exclusion Service, Rodent Clean Up Service, or combinations. There are many variables that go into any rodent service, such as type of rodent, areas of activity, length of activity, any needed exclusion or seal up work and areas needed to be accessed and so on. 

Rodent damage is also a factor in the service. If rodents have been active in an area for any length of time, they can soil surfaces and make areas unhealthy. Rodents have about four litters per year so addressing any rodent issue at the first signs or thoughts of activity is essential to aiding in the service.


Rodent Service costs range from a basic exterior bait station install at $225 and will need serviced at least quarterly, to a full structure Rodent Trapping and Exclusion Service that Starts at $700. Our inspections are free and that way we can answer all your questions and get you the right service options.

Warranty – ONE YEAR. FINAL FOLLOW UP CONCLUDES ALL SERVICE OBLIGATIONS. COVERAGE WILL EXTEND 1 (365 CALENDAR DAYS) YEAR FROM THE INITIAL SERVICE DATE AND DOES NOT START OVER WITH ANY WARRANTY FOLLOW UP SERVICES. Warranty coverage will consist of a full re-inspection and assess exclusion work and structure for defects, tampering or man-made issues.


Exterior Bait Stations, Trap Stations & Regular Rodent Service.

Rodents start outside and seek opportunities to enter structures. Exterior bait stations are placed along structure perimeter areas to control rodent activity outside. Bait Stations are also great tools to gauge rodent activity levels, can be adjusted to serve changing structure or area needs, added, or removed, and are pet & kid resistant. Rodents enter a bait station and consume the bait. Ideally, they return to their residence and die. For locations where pets or non-target animals are a concern, we can use a bait called Terad3 Blox that greatly reduces risk of secondary poisoning to non-target animals. Trap Stations control interior perimeter areas like a garage, corridor, warehouse, kitchen, storage area, etc. They are locked boxes that have either a rodent mechanical trap or glue trap inside. They help monitor, capture, & control interior rodent movements & activity. Both Exterior Bait Stations & Interior Rodent Trap Stations need maintained regularly, at least quarterly. Frequency depends on some variables but can be adjusted. Both can also be used in conjunction with any rodent service.

Rodent in Los Angeles Kitchen

Rodent Exclusion & Trapping Services

If rodents have gained access to a structure, a Rodent Exclusion and Trapping Service is likely warranted. This includes Attics, Crawl Spaces, Drop Ceiling areas, basements, roof areas, almost any structure we can seal up and remove rodents from, or control. T-Rex traps are set inside service areas either using zip ties (attached to utility lines) or screws (attached to any wood surface). No traps are just ‘placed’ inside. We install traps along the most identifiable rodent pathways. We can tell this by identifying the rodents rub marks, track marks and droppings. This service will stop the current activity from entering the service areas and future activity from getting in. We will be assessing and servicing rodent entry points from both interior and exterior areas, we go foot by foot along the perimeter and other areas to seal and identify possible rodent entry points. 

Being a ‘detective’ is a big part of this service. Exterior areas are assessed for any harbor-age or other issues that will attract rats to the structure, such as trees and other vegetation overgrowth or poor storage practices. Last is the roof. We inspect the roof and roof vents for entry points. For Spanish and other clay tiles, this is very important.

We exclude all possible entry points leading from the roof into structure areas. Follow ups are next and are key to assuring all the exclusion is looking and functioning great. Follow ups also assess the activity and remove captures. The follow ups are what confirms the job was done correctly. A typical service will require a minimum of three follow ups. Structure limitations such as vaulted ceilings may require more follow ups. Final follow ups are set further out, three to five weeks, to assure no further signs of activity, or as scope of service dictates. If we keep capturing rodents, and/or you are still hearing or seeing evidence, then we will keep following up until it is done right…no additional cost. Some jobs take more time than others, some variables are tough to overcome. Large Commercial Services may vary. We will use all our resources and get the job done. Rodents can enter a hole about the size of a quarter and larger. Mice can enter smaller spots, cracks and gaps. Disinfection of surface areas can also be added on for necessary or requested services. Disinfection is always a good choice, however not always necessary.

Basic Rodent Control Materials Used

  • Everbilt 1/4 in. 23-Gauge Galvanized Steel Hardware Cloth
  • Big Gap Filler Insulating Foam Sealant
  • Copper Mesh (Bulk Roll)
  • 14 in. Cable Tie
  • Phillips Pan-Head Self-Drilling Screws
  • Trapper T-Rex trap
  • Trapper Sidekick (when applicable)
  • Rust-Oleum Painter & Semi-Gloss General Purpose Spray Paint (match/blend in foam or mesh seal work)
  • Grip-Rite #6 Philips Bugle-Head Coarse Thread Sharp Point Drywall Screw
  • Germicidal Bleach
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