Versa-Tech PM Honored to Support Stop Soldier Suicide: 100 Mile Challenge 2021

Stop Soldier Suicide

VERSA-TECH PEST MANAGEMENT IS THRILLED TO SUPPORT EFFORTS TO HELP SAVE LIVES IN OUR MILITARY COMMUNITY A big believer in giving back and supporting causes that matter, Versa-Tech Pest Management is honored to partner with and support the Stop Soldier Suicide: 100 Mile Challenge 2021. A non-profit organization helping empower service members, veterans and their […]

The Biggest Pest Problems in America Analyzed

Top Insects in America

As if the COVID pandemic wasn’t enough, America might be in the middle of another epidemic – bed bugs – a pest that long has plagued many cities in the United States, emerging research has shown. But are bedbugs America’s biggest pest problem? What about ants and mosquitoes? How do spiders compare? And good ol’ […]

Pest Seasons in Southern California

Pest Control Cockroach Exterminator

In Southern California it is always ‘pest season.’ Living in a location where it does not freeze or even get below 40 degrees makes it ideal for pest activity all year around. Just as humans love to live in Mediterranean climates, pests do as well. The more humid the climate, the more insect activity. For […]

Do I Need An Attic Clean Out in my Home or Business? What You Need to Know.

Attic Clean Out Rodent Control

By: Jason Baacke, Versa-Tech Founder / CEO Do you need rodent-related attic clean out and insulation replacement services for your Greater Los Angeles home or business? Versa-Tech Pest Management Founder Jason Baacke weighs in below on common terms and what you need to know. Finding out that your Greater Los Angeles or Orange County, California […]

Bees: Swarms vs Hives and What Do You Do?

Bee Hives Los Angeles

By: Jason Baacke, Versa-Tech Founder / CEO Greater Los Angeles & Orange County, California Bee Swarms & Bee Hives Identifying Bee Swarms A bee swarm is one-way bees can travel from place to place. They are basically a group of bees trying to find a new place to make a hive. The swarm is led […]

Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Southern California Home


How to Get Rid of Roaches Living in Southern California, we are blessed for many reasons. One of these reasons being the level of cockroach activity being lower due to our lower humidity. We all know the stereotypical scene of the old man on the porch with the ‘bug-zapper’ sparking as another mosquito and cockroach […]

Signs You May Have Rodents in Your Attic

Rats in Attic Los Angeles

Are you worried you may have rats in your Los Angeles or Orange County home? Check out Versa-Tech Pest Managements top tips for what to look for. Black Rats, more commonly known as Roof Rats, found in Los Angeles, Orange County, California and surrounding communities are fantastic climbers. They can take advantage of an overhanging […]

Is There Such a Thing as “Green” Pest Control?


If you need pest control for your Los Angeles or Orange County home, you may be wondering if “green” pest control is an option. Well that depends on what one would consider ‘green’. Below, Versa-Tech Pest Management Founder and expert pest technician Jason Baacke weighs in on the use of green pesticides. What is “Green” […]

Common Entry Points for Rodents Entering Southern California Homes


Fall is upon us and cooler weather means more time inside. You’re not the only one seeking warmth from the cold, though. While mice spend the spring and summer months gathering food to store, activity peaks during the fall and winter months (October, November, December, January ) as temperatures start to decline and rats and […]

Join Versa-Tech’s Effort to Help Feed the Hungry this Holiday Season

YWCA-Meals-on-Wheels-San Gabriel Valley

San Dimas Pest Control Company Versa-Tech Pest Management Pledges Support of YWCA San Gabriel Valley’s Meals on Wheels Program Supporting Seniors in Need At Versa-Tech, we are proud to support the senior community, and this holiday season we are on a mission to help feed the hungry by teaming together with Meals on Wheels & […]

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