5 Signs You Have Cockroaches in Your California Home

Signs You Have Cockroaches California

Learn about Cockroach Infestations and Indications You Have Roaches from the Pros at Versa-Tech Pest Management If you live in Los Angeles County or Northern Orange County in California, German Cockroaches are more of an interior roach and they enter your home by being transferred by a person or an item such as boxes, bags […]

How to Get Rid of California Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Exterminator LA County

Learn All You Need to Know About How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs There are plenty of Bed Bug myths out there, and these myths add to more panic and wasted time and money than is needed. So here is a quick article from the expert pest technicians at Versa-Tech to bring some brief […]

LA County German Cockroach Clean Out & Remediation

German Cockroach Exterminator

GERMAN COCKROACHES CAN WREAK HAVOC IN YOUR SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HOME. Learn more about German Cockroach Infestations and Cockroach Cleaning & Remediation below. In Southern California, German Cockroaches are more of an ‘interior roach’ and enter an area by being transferred by a person or an item such as boxes, bags or larger items like furniture or […]

National Pest Management Companies Vs. Local Companies

San Dimas ca pest control versa-tech

David vs. Goliath? When it comes to choosing a Los Angeles County pest management company for your home or business, there are plenty of options to choose from. Check out the many benefits of choosing regional and local pest control services for your residential and commercial pest control needs. Just like any other industry, there […]

Versa-Tech Pest Management Supports Pauly’s Project Fundraiser

Paulys Project Fundraiser

Doing it’s part to make a difference in their community and supporting causes that matter, Versa-Tech Pest Management Founder / CEO Jason Baacke and wife Shiree were honored to attend the 1st Annual Pauly’s Project Fundraiser and to make a $500 donation to support this worthy cause. About Pauly’s Project Dedicated to CHANGING THE STREETS […]

Versa-Tech PM Honored to Support Stop Soldier Suicide: 100 Mile Challenge 2021

Stop Soldier Suicide

VERSA-TECH PEST MANAGEMENT IS THRILLED TO SUPPORT EFFORTS TO HELP SAVE LIVES IN OUR MILITARY COMMUNITY A big believer in giving back and supporting causes that matter, Versa-Tech Pest Management is honored to partner with and support the Stop Soldier Suicide: 100 Mile Challenge 2021. A non-profit organization helping empower service members, veterans and their […]

The Biggest Pest Problems in America Analyzed

Top Insects in America

As if the COVID pandemic wasn’t enough, America might be in the middle of another epidemic – bed bugs – a pest that long has plagued many cities in the United States, emerging research has shown. But are bedbugs America’s biggest pest problem? What about ants and mosquitoes? How do spiders compare? And good ol’ […]

Pest Seasons in Southern California

Pest Control Cockroach Exterminator

ARE YOU WONDERING WHAT THE PEAK SEASONS FOR PESTS ARE IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY AND NORTHERN ORANGE COUNTY? Learn more about seasonal activity for Southern California pests and rodents from the expert pest controllers at Versa-Tech Pest Management below. In San Dimas and Los Angeles County, California, it is always ‘pest season.’ Living in a […]

Do I Need An Attic Clean Out in my Home or Business? What You Need to Know.

Attic Clean Out Rodent Control

By: Jason Baacke, Versa-Tech Founder / CEO ATTIC PEST CONTROL, LOS ANGELES ATTIC CLEANING & RODENT REMEDIATION Do you need rodent-related attic cleanout and insulation replacement services for your San Dimas or Los Angeles County, California home or business? Versa-Tech Pest Management Founder and expert pest and rodent control specialist Jason Baacke weighs in below […]

Bees: Swarms vs Hives and What Do You Do?

Bee Hives Bee Removal San Dimas

By: Jason Baacke, Versa-Tech Founder / CEO Los Angeles County Bee Swarms & Bee Hives Identifying California Bee Swarms A California bee swarm is one-way bees can travel from place to place. They are basically a group of bees trying to find a new place to make a hive. The swarm is led by, and […]

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