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A Versa-Tech® live trapping service will capture, remove, and relocate the target pest in the most humane way possible. Versa-Tech uses Have-a-Hart live trap cages that can be placed inside crawl spaces, attic areas, under decks, or along exterior perimeter areas where the target pest is harboring or traveling regularly.

Cages are baited with attractive food items and once the target pest enters the cage the door closes behind the animal without harming it. Traps are checked daily by our staff (except Sundays) and once a capture is achieved, Versa-Tech will take the cage to a good location away from the service site and free the animal into the wild. If multiple animals are suspected or confirmed to be at the service location, two or more cages can be utilized, or cages reset after relocation. Versa-Tech offers both commercial and residential live trapping services.


Preventing future entry into the structure areas such as crawl spaces or attics can also be part of a live trap service. Versa-Tech can also perform the needed repair and exclusion work such as blocking vents, repairing, or custom fabricating new access doors, sealing off utility lines, or blocking off roof entry areas.
Confirmation is key. Upon our initial inspection, Versa-Tech will inspect the suspected areas for activity and evidence to make sure the activity is still present or recent. Once a capture or captures are made Versa-Tech will again confirm all activity has been eliminated to assure the service was successful. Confirming the activity is still present also helps us provide the correct service and pricing. If there is no activity at the time of inspection, then all that is needed is the exclusion work. Sometimes it is as simple as putting the crawl space door back on properly.
Leaving any live animal inside a structure can lead to some structural damage, regular odors, utility damage, and flea and mite activity over time.



Skunks don’t climb. They are most often found in crawl spaces, under deck areas, beneath storage sheds, or other similar areas. Skunks are a lot smaller than they look and often will fit through smaller holes, utility gaps or foundation cracks. Once a skunk is establishing its spot it will defend it and itself by spraying, causing that fowl odor and making its presence known. Other skunks, cats, or even rats attempting to occupy the same area as the skunk will often set it off. Skunks don’t cause much damage structurally but can be a real nuisance as they spray. They can often be heard as they move through a crawl space by rattling pipes or scratching and digging to make their bedding area.
Skunks are most active in the night and evening times but not nocturnal. Skunks sleep a lot. Overall skunks are relatively easy to capture and are often solitary.


Raccoons are the biggest in size of the group and can be aggressive when attempting to make entry into an area. They are notorious for lifting roof tiles, breaking through vents, and other similar areas to set up a home.

Raccoons are great climbers and often will harbor in attic areas, trees, and ceiling areas. They often are seen around construction sites at night playing on scaffolding and entering commercial buildings. Raccoons are nocturnal, foraging at night. A few raccoons, generally a family, can be in one area. Raccoon droppings can become a big issue over time as it accumulates. Raccoons can be more challenging to capture as they will work together to get out of the cage. They are strong, tenacious, and somewhat intelligent.


Opossums do not often make it into a structure. They are often seen around a property moving through it. They can take up residence in attics and crawl spaces if the opportunity is there, but they don’t seek them out and can make entry like raccoons and skunks. They are more on the docile side, and don’t really post any threats. Regular possum activity or harborage in an area can help promote flea and mite activity as well as be a real nuisance to pets. Possums are often found in garages and sheds and are easily captured.


Do you have gophers on your property? The pros at Versa-Tech Pest Management can help removal and prevent gophers from taking up residence in your yard.


Feral or un-tamed cats can live in groups or colonies outdoors and try to avoid humans. They are often active around dusk. These cats will often harbor in crawl space areas and can accumulate fast. As breeding commences and the population grows, fecal odors, spray odors and fleas can become an issue. Feeding these cats can exacerbate the activity. One upside is that the cats will keep other pests like rodents and skunks from taking up harborage in an  area. Sometimes the skunk will win out. Removing the cats may take several attempts depending on the size of the colony. Cats will use larger openings like broken crawl space doors or large open crawl space vents to enter.


Expert climbers, squirrels take advantage of larger openings along roof areas to enter a structure. Spanish tile roofs that are not properly sealed are very attractive locations for squirrels.
Squirrels are attracted by fruit, nuts, berry plants, and trees and will use power lines or plants reaching onto a structure to access it. They are often seen running on rooftops, up and down trees, and along fences and walls. Squirrels are from the rodent family and have similar characteristics. They can also get captured in traditional rodent traps that are already in a location. Versa-Tech uses smaller Have-a-Hart live traps to remove squirrels from a location. Often, many squirrels are harboring inside a location and a few cages are needed. We can also regularly control squirrels around exterior areas.
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“Chris Davis was awesome!! Friendly, assuring and fast acting! He came to our home in San Dimas and took care of a little area where we learned some skunks were setting up outside our home! He took care of the problem pretty quick, explained a lot to me, and sealed off an area to prevent any further lil’ skunks from posting up in our residence. We can’t thank Chris enough but what really stands out was his super friendly, insightful and thoughtful service. He’s fantastic and we’ll definitely spread our experience with others on your company. Keep up the great focus on customer service- it surprised us but left a great impression! Many thanks to Chris!” —Chris D., Duarte, CA

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If you are struggling to keep pests off of your SoCal property or out of your home, or if you feel that you or your pets are in danger as a result of an animal seen near your home, it is best to call an animal removal service as soon as possible after you have noticed the animal. Ideally, you should reach out while the animal is still in the area. Versa-Tech Pest Management would be happy to remove a problematic critter from your property or help you remediate pests in your home. Reach out to our animal control experts to discuss your issue. Next day service options.