What You Need to Know About Southern California Spiders


In terms of Southern California pest control, spiders are often lumped in with insects such as ants, roaches, crickets, and other six-legged insects. It is important to understand that spiders are NOT insects…spiders actually eat insects. Spiders are arachnids, which means they have eight legs. However, spiders and insects often come together, spiders following the insects, so at Versa-Tech Pest Management, we include spiders in any basic pest control service. For the most part if we eliminate and control the insects, we in turn reduce the spiders as well. Yet there are many conducive conditions that can keep spiders around an area.


Los Angeles County spiders are trappers, they build a web to capture insects and the more areas they must build webs, the more spiders. Clutter around the exterior of a home, heavy/thick bushes and plants, tall overhanging trees, patio covers, patio furniture, kids play equipment and other similar are great spots for spiders to set up shop. Oak, pine, and cypress trees are favorites of spiders. Oak trees hanging over a home allow baby spiders to drift down after hatching and land on the roof or patios below and set up their first web.

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In terms of spider prevention and spider control in Los Angeles County & Northern Orange County, keeping exterior clutter to a minimum or organized off the structure, trees trimmed, and bushes and plants maintained and thin are great spider control methods. A regular SoCal pest service is the second part to good spider control. Because spider biology is different than insect biology, spider control is best at least every other month. Spider’s bodies are lifted off the ground, think car and tires. Only the tires of your car touch the ground. As a spider moves over the chemical residual, it will not take the chemical up as fast or at all. Also, spiders have exceptionally good nerves in their legs that can sense the chemical and they can avoid it. This does not mean the chemical is ineffective, it just takes more detailed chemical placement, good preparation before treatment and more frequent service.


  • Keep exterior clutter to a minimum or organized off the structure
  • Keep trees trimmed and bushes and plants maintained and thin


This is why a good web knockdown, also known as spider webstering, and item placement is key to good regular treatment for spiders in homes and businesses. As we brush around the structure and items, we are disturbing the spiders and causing them to move. This will expose the spider and then as we come around for the pest treatment, we are directly hitting the spiders with the chemical. If the spider continues to hide, it will move more over the next day or two as it rebuilds its web, thus coming into more regular contact with the residual chemical. Lastly, treatment of outer perimeter planters, fence and wall areas, storage sheds, utility areas, and garage interior and exterior are also good spider control. 

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