When is a Los Angeles Pest Problem an Infestation?


Do you think you may have a pest infestation in your Los Angeles County or Orange County, California Home?

Read what Industry Expert and Founder of Versa-Tech Pest Management Jason Baacke has to say and when it’s time to call the pest experts.

The word infestation gets used casually in day to day conversations. That is a great sign! Over the centuries of human evolution and with the rise of modern construction, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and pest control practices, we now have a much lower tolerance to pests. Most people living in a first world country will only encounter a rat or mouse a few times, if ever, in their lives. 

Of those encounters, one, if any will be inside their Los Angeles or Orange County residence. What this lower tolerance has done is lowered the bar for infestations. Let us not forget, that what one person feels is an pest infestation may not be for another…we all have different tolerances for pests.

Signs You Have a Southern California Pest Infestation: Rodents & Cockroaches

Unusual Rat Behavior Indicates a Southern California Rodent Infestation


From an industry standard, pest infestations occur when population levels of a pest cause that pest to regularly act against its normal behavior and better judgments. An example would be a rat running across your dining room table while you are having a meal. California rats are very shy creatures by nature, they are afraid of everything. For a rat to run across a table, with the lights on, and humans in remarkably close proximity, indicates a rodent infestation. The rat would either have to be comfortable with the situation, that would indicate the rat has been in the near area for quite some time, or the population is growing to a point where food and space are becoming scarce and the rats are forced to take chances.

California Insects: Population Growth & Frequency Indicates Infestation

The same basic ‘stress’ principal works for insects also. As the population grows sighting become more frequent and at more regular intervals. INFESTATION is a big word for Pest Management Pros.

Unfortunately, the word infestation also gets used to scare and intimidate prospective clients on inspections by some Pest Management companies. It is a common ‘fear’ tactic to get clients to approve attic insulation removal services or up-sell other services. Especially during attic inspections.

Just because you hear scratching, or see droppings, does not mean you are infested. A roach sighting or two means you need to take some action, not tent your house. If someone ever says you have an infestation ask some follow up questions and get some pictures.


Do You Have a Pest Problem in San Dimas, Los Angeles County or Orange County, California?

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