Signs You May Have Rodents in Your Attic

Roof Rats in Attic Los Angeles

Are You Concerned You May Have Rats in Your in Your Attic or Home?

Are you worried you may have rats, mice or other small rodents in your Los Angeles County or Northern Orange County home or attic? In Southern California, mice are more prevalent in rural areas, so you are most likely seeing a juvenile rat or a black rat / roof rat in your home. Check out Versa-Tech Pest Managements top tips for what to look for.

What You Need to Know About Black Rats & Roof Rats in Southern California

Black Rats, more commonly known as Roof Rats, found in San Dimas, Los Angeles, Orange County, California and surrounding communities are fantastic climbers. They can take advantage of an overhanging tree, a patio cover, power lines, utility lines or even the ruff stucco and climb straight up the wall to get into your attic.

Once in your attic, rats will begin to take up harborage. That harborage can consist of breeding and nesting, gnawing, and digging, eating and play. These activities can cause some commotion and make some noises. Scratching, digging, and ‘walking’ or ‘running’ sounds along the celling areas are the standard indications. 


Indications you may have roof rats, that if heard and addressed soon, should be relatively minor to moderate levels of activity. Catching this activity soon will save on possible service costs and structure or utility damage.

Moderate to Severe Indications You Have Roof Rats

  • Dead Rat Smell

  • Consistent and Regular Sounds

  • Stains in Ceiling Areas

  • Urine odor

  • A Plumbing Leak or Electrical Failure


‘Sounds’ can be deceiving, depending on your insulation. Good batt insulation will muffle the sounds and may mask them altogether and hide activity until it becomes sever. Blown-in insulation offers less of a barrier between the rat and the ceiling drywall.


Rodent related damage to duct work is a major sign and poses a health risk. Seeing pieces of insulation inside any air grate is a major sign that the duct work is damaged, and the a/c and heater should be turned off until a repairs and service done. Once rats entered the ducting of the HVAC, the system is quickly contaminated with rat feces and urine.


Of course, seeing a rat at any time inside your home is the biggest red flag of them all. What to do? If you are capable and willing, get in that attic and have a look. Please take precautions to wear the proper PPE.

Once in the attic the obvious signs are rat droppings and track marks. If you have blown in insulation, then ‘holes’ will be made in the insulation like snow. Once confirmed, at least have a free inspection done by a professional rodent control technician so that a small problem does not turn into a big one. If you are not ready to get in your attic, call that pro in for an inspection and for some solid answers.

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