Is There Such a Thing as Green Pest Control?



If you need pest control for your San Dimas, Covina, Glendora, Los Angeles County or Northern Orange County home or business, you may be wondering if “green” pest control is an option. Well that depends on what one would consider ‘green’. Below, Versa-Tech Pest Management Founder and expert pest technician Jason Baacke weighs in on the use of green pesticides.

What is “Green” Pest Management?

There are two ideas that center around ‘green’ pest management. One camp is the type of chemical group. Those that are ok with the use of pesticides if they are labeled in accordance with the group’s standards. Notice I used the term “pesticide”. This group is generally made up of commercial facilities that are required to use such practices. Places like certain food processing facilities who may pack or process a ‘green’ or ‘organic’ or other similar product for market.

The USDA has a site that dives further into their Organic Practices and Regulations and provides a list of approved pest management practices and pesticide use. Other places are public schools, certain hospitals and care facilities, and other similar locations that want or are required to use only approved ‘green’ pesticides.

Versa-Tech® Green Pest Control Service for Residential Properties

For residential clients, the use of ‘green’ pesticides is not often practical both in terms of cost and function. ‘Green’ pesticides have a limited label for use and have weak residual effectiveness, and generally a foul or strong odor. Residential locations generally use a custom tailored service plan and along with the implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices can limit the use of pesticides and still maintain control within the clients needs.

Southern California Integrated Pest Management (IMP)

The second camp is the no pesticide at all group. Very self-explanatory. This is more of a residential practice than commercial one. This type of ‘green’ pest control uses no synthetic pesticides whatsoever. Using only Integrated Pest Management (IMP) and more ‘natural’ deterrent type products such as oils, plants, spices, etc. Preventing pest entry and attraction is a major part of this method. A product that crosses over between both camps is Diatomaceous Earth. 

Here is a good link to get started on IMP.

What is a pesticide. Here is a great link for the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. Even that disinfectant is considered a pesticide.

Green Pest Management Services for San Dimas, LA County, & Northern OC

While “Green” is in the eye of the beholder, Versa-Tech® is committed to our environment and any concerns our clients may have regarding chemical usage. Versa-Tech can customize any California pest control service, both commercial and residential, to include limited use or use of only National Organic Program (N.O.P.) approved chemicals and procedures. Pest Control and Entomology is environmental by nature, bringing all aspects of nature, environment and man together to solve an issue.

For some clients, eliminating traditional pesticide usage is a must, such as USDA/ N.O.P. facilities, nature centered businesses, allergen sensitive homes and complexes, healthcare facilities or simply by preference. Versa-Tech can provide the proper service to accommodate such needs.


Versa-Tech® can offer a completely Green or Organic management program for your Southern California home or business! Call today to book your service call or for your free pest inspection.

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