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Versa-Tech PM Founder Jason Baacke


What does corporate America get wrong in the pest control industry? Go behind the scenes with Versa-Tech Pest Management Founder / COO Jason Baacke in his interview with CanvasRebel to learn how Versa-Tech is revolutionizing the industry.


Jason Baacke COO Versa-Tech PM

What do you think Corporate America gets wrong in your industry?

There’s a backend and there’s front end sales and service. Unfortunately, in our industry the big players such as Orkin Terminix and other national brands tend to focus on back in sales rather than front and customer service. This gives us the smaller and midsize or regional companies a huge advantage. However, that’s the harder road to travel. It’s less profitable the harder it is to gain a foothold in and it’s extremely difficult to grow a company that way. That’s why the big guys don’t do it. But that’s also why the bigger companies grow primarily by buying smaller companies with a good brand, a great loyal clientele and good satisfied employees.

Awesome – so before we get into the rest of our questions, can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers.

I got into the industry shortly after my father did. My father was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome after being an auto mechanic his entire life at about the age of 30. He had to make a major career change. A family friend mentioned pest control and he went for it. My dad started out with our family friend at Orkin pest control and brought me in a few years later when I was 20 years old. Then we kind of all move together. Our family friend and myself and my father moved to another company, and we worked together for quite some time. During that time, I developed a huge passion for the industry and realized I was really good at it. My upbringing, my work history, my ethics all led to me being great at pest management. In 2012 I decided to break ranks and start Versa-Tech Pest Mgmt. because I had confidence in my abilities and confidence in what I knew was wrong with the industry in order to make it a successful company. That sounds big but it’s no different than the plumber, the HVAC guy, or the restaurant tour who wants to change from the industry norms. It’s all about how you dedicate yourself to do it. The discipline is simple, you have to care. You must care about every single client, every single employee and you must want the success of every client, every employee, every service down to your bones. What sets the small guy from the big guy apart is simply caring not only about the company, but everyone involved. Caring that your clients are happy, caring that your employees can fulfill their dreams and wants and lifelong desires within that company culture and structure. If you can do that you can be successful at anything and grow any company. You also have to understand that this is a team effort, and you need to be the place where your employees can grow both personally and professionally and have the opportunity to grow. Your job as a leader is to evangelize, recruit, and align. To eventually produce a product or service that is better, faster and cheaper than your competitions. And that’s how you will explode. And have the understanding that wealth equals equity and the number of transactions. If you’re a leader that understands that there’s nothing but the sky for you. I am most proud of having that place. I am most proud that we have made a company that Once you’re a client you’re well taken care of and cared for, and as an employee you are expected to perform well but given every opportunity to succeed and grow.

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