National Pest Management Companies Vs. Local Companies

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David vs. Goliath? When it comes to choosing a Los Angeles County pest management company for your home or business, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Check out the many benefits of choosing regional and local pest control services for your residential and commercial pest control needs.

Just like any other industry, there are the big national pest control companies, regional companies, and local pest management companies to choose from in Southern California. How does ‘David’ stack up to ‘Goliath?’ Larger companies benefit because they have time on their side. They can uphold a larger staff, larger budgets to work with, and larger service areas which gives then a larger reach overall. Most larger Los Angeles County pest control companies also have better flexibility with scheduling and can make same day calls and have a larger capacity to get services done. Larger companies also come with larger business models which tend to move away from providing consistent quality services and focus more on making new sales. In short, bigger pest management companies don’t truly care about losing a client because they know they will make it up in new sales at a higher price point. Therefore, the larger companies will schedule one route technician to do 10-20 regular service stops per day!! There is no way one service tech can properly perform a good proactive pest control service with that many stops to do in eight hours. Hence, most residential stops for larger companies are only 10-15 minutes and exterior only. Larger companies will also try to drag out or ignore service calls that are between regular services or try to upsell if they do make it out for the additional call. Warranty work can also be an issue as larger companies will try their best to ignore the warranty call, if one was even offered. Big companies generally have national call centers so getting in touch with the local office may be difficult. One big benefit to the larger companies is the lower service cost. But… you get what you pay for.


More regional or local pest control companies are generally the opposite. To put it simply, they care more because your service means more. Smaller pest management companies work harder to keep clients satisfied because they know it is harder and more expensive to gain clients. Smaller companies are generally run by experienced sales or service techs who decided to start their own company, so they have lots of ‘skin in the game.’ They are excited to have the opportunity to gain your business. Just as each client matters more to the smaller company, so does the staff. Smaller companies will provide a better trained and motivated staff. Again, they generally will care more. Smaller companies provide better materials and products as they are not limited to what the branch office is budgeted for and contracted to supply. Smaller companies also have a major advantage in marketing with the rise of review platforms like Yelp and Angie’s List. These sites give a lot of power back to the consumer and small business. The big companies typically do not do well on these sites and are constantly battling bad reviews.


Good companies tend to flourish and build out great reputations on these platforms. Looking big picture, it’s all about your representative. Even the big companies have good representatives who do care, it’s just a bit harder to find. Not all smaller companies care either. Some local or regional companies are not well run and will simply stop showing up. Therefore, major downside to a smaller company is clients may be unsure if that company will be around in 3-5 years. When looking into a San Dimas or Los Angeles County, California pest management provider look up their online reputation first, then pick two to three to receive quotes from. Inspections and consultations should always be free (except for Termites or special situations.)

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When looking for a San Dimas, Los Angeles County or a Northern Orange County Pest Management Company, get a written bid and compare and ask questions. In a local or regional company look for ones that have been in business for five or more years, has proper decals on trucks and present themselves well. All representatives should be state licensed and you can ask for their license number.  Lastly, look to start a service in January, February or March as this is off season and prices may be lower. Starting at that time will also have you well ready for the warm weather when all the pests come out.

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