Get Rid of Cockroaches in San Dimas & Los Angeles, California

Versa-Tech Pest Management are roach experts and they will control and eliminate roaches invading your home or business.

If you’ve seen a roach scurrying across your floor – you can be sure – there’s more where that came from. Let us do a complete inspection and let you know where the cockroach trouble spots are.

Versa-Tech looks everywhere – yard, sheds, garage, trash, cracks, pipes and drains in the house or business. Once we have the details, we can give you a custom treatment plan.


We’ll destroy the existing roaches wherever they are. We’ll give you a prevention plan to keep them from coming back. The cockroach is a resilient pest. But we’ll help you eliminate them – permanently.

The American (‘sewer’) roach usually lives outdoors, but will retreat into your home or business to escape hot summer temperatures. They can get in through the plumbing or any small crack or opening. Once established inside, they breed rapidly.

The German cockroach has two stripes on its back and comes inside looking for food. A little water and some crumbs and they’re ready to multiply.

Versa-Tech can help. Ask about our Roach Control and Management service.

Call Versa-Tech today to control stubborn roach infestations in home, apartments or restaurants.

Roach Control & Roach Remediation for Homes & Businesses in San Dimas & Los Angeles, California.

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