Association, Retail Center and Property Management Service

Working with Association, Retail Center and Property Management clients is a core service at  Versa-Tech Pest Management.

Through superior service response, communication and acting as a professional liaison between tenants and management, Versa-Tech has earned the lasting business of many Association, Large Retail Center and Property Management Companies.

Versa-Tech continually goes above and beyond basic Pest Management, by providing both management and tenants/residents with the same quality of service and response. Versa-Tech is also knowledgeable and understanding that each property can have rules, bylaws, communication protocols and regulations. Versa-Tech is also a ‘one-stop-shop’ which attracts Association, Retail Center and Property  clients that use Versa-Tech, for a variety of services.

We offer:

  • Proper Documentation and Correspondence
  • Extensive and Professional Reporting and Inspections
  • Full Service Pest Management
  • Trash and Property Clean-Up Service
  • Professional Attitude and Appearance
  • Provides Staff, Management and Board Member Presentations and Education
  • Fast Service Response
  • Recognition of Policies and Statutes


For a free estimate, and to discover all of the professional services Versa-Tech can offer your property or association,

Please contact Versa-Tech at  888-429-1213