Versa-Tech offers a variety of Bed Bug Services to handle any of the unique situations that bed bug elimination requires.

Versa-Tech offers:

Chemical, Heat and Fumigation Bed Bug Services

These allow us to adapt and professionally service any bed bug control situation.

Proper bed bug service requires clients to participate and be pro-active in any of these types of services.

This is where Versa-Tech is a step above other companies – we put our clients concerns and requirements first!

A Bed Bug infestation can be very stressful, and can not only affect people physically with visible bite marks, but psychologically as well. Insomnia, poor sleep, social concerns, negative reactions from friends and relatives all can be issues. We understand, and that’s why our first step is not only an inspection to confirm activity, but also a discussion to answer questions, offer the pros and cons to each service, educate or clients, most of all, listen so we can provide the best service for each client.

Versa-Tech has developed a strategic Bed Bug elimination solution – the V-Series of Bed Bug Elimination.

V-Series of Bed Bug Elimination is: Verify, Educate, Eradicate, Clear.

  • Verify: Inspection by our Licensed and experienced technicians, or Certified K-9 to find the infestation
  • Educate: Discuss possible causes, and prevention methods with clients, and advise on the benefits and procedures to each treatment process.
  • Eradicate: Choose the best method of treatment to eliminate the infestation
  • Clear: Certify the unit clear with follow up inspection or K-9 Clearance.

Versa-Tech will customize a Bed Bug Management Program for hospitality professionals.

Please contact Versa-Tech for details.



Bed Bugs have reached outbreak proportions.

Bed Bugs can infect any home or business regardless of geographical location or status. They are easily transferred into a home or business in luggage, clothing, sleeping linen, etc.


Only a few Pest Management companies in the world can properly detect, and eliminate a Bed Bug Infestation.

Versa-Tech is one of these companies.

Versa-Tech has been on the forefront of the Bed Bug epidemic, continually training and developing new technologies through entomological research, to better detect and eliminate Bed Bugs. All of our technicians have gone through extensive Bed Bug training and are some of the most experienced in the world. Allowing Versa-Tech the capability to quickly respond and eliminate Bed Bug Infestations.