Bed Bug Programs for Hospitality IndustryVersa-Tech can design a proactive Bed Bug Elimination, Inspection and Control program for your hospitality business that will help to minimize Bed Bug activity and the negative results that accompany the issue.

Versa-Tech understands the sensitive nature that must be taken when treating and inspecting for Bed Bugs on site, and will work with your preferred schedule to minimize exposure to your clients or guests.

Versa-Tech offers:

  • Flat rate pricing for services
  • Fast response times so rooms and areas can be turned around quickly
  • Offer Training Meetings to educate on site staff for Bed Bug habits and detection.
  • Set up regular inspection schedules to locate and address issues quickly, before a guest does.

To speak with a Versa-Tech Representative at no cost, and to schedule a free consultation,  contact Versa-Tech anytime at