BED BUG CONTROL Rancho Cucamonga, Upland & Ontario Califonia

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Bed Bugs can infect any home or business regardless of geographical location or status. Bed Bugs are easily transferred into a home or business on luggage, clothing, sleeping linen etc.

Versa-Tech has the means to control bed bugs. We are continually training and developing new technologies through entomological research, to better detect and eliminate Bed Bugs. All of our technicians have gone through extensive Bed Bug training and have considerable experience in controlling these obnoxious pests.

Allow Versa-Tech to quickly respond and eliminate your Bed Bug Infestations.

This experience and fore-site has led Versa-Tech to develop the V-Series of Bed Bug Elimination:

Our “Verify, Educate, Eradicate and Clear” strategic Bed Bug elimination solution. 

  • Verify- inspection by our Licensed and experienced technicians, or Certified K-9 to find the infestation
  • Educate: Discuss possible causes, and prevention methods with clients, and advise on the benefits and procedures to each treatment process.
  • Eradicate- Choose the best method of treatment to eliminate the infestation
  • Clear- Certify the unit clear with follow up inspection or K-9 Clearance.

Bed Bug Control Rancho Cucamonga Ontario California

Versa-Tech will customize a Bed Bug Management Program for hospitality professionals. Please contact Versa-Tech for details.


You can confirm a bed bug infestation not only by seeing a live one, but also by seeing what they leave behind.

Small black spots, or groups of black patches, on the sides or bottom of box springs are an indication of Bed Bugs. These are areas they like to harbor. If you see them, don’t try to treat them –  it only makes infestation worse.

Bed Bug Control Rancho Cucamonga, Upland & Ontario California.